Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Wait, it's Valentine's Day soon?"

Why hello there, li'l Nominites!

It's your favorite hip older brother who lets you sneak tokes from his waterbong and only occasionally sleeps with your friends, Recidivist "Sexy" Sideways here!

Yet again!

Now, we all know Valentine's Day is coming up, and this fact hasn't been lost on us here at Nomine!

Well... it hasn't been lost on Munch. I think my response, when she mentioned this week's releases, was something along the lines of "Wait, it's Valentine's Day soon?"

I swear, I'm a much better boyfriend than I initially appear. I mean, hell, I not only bought her a PSP for her birthday one year, but I gave her my backup one for Xmas last year to replace it! And I bought her games that I loaded on it! Like LocoRoco: Midnight Carnival!


Er... ahem. Yeah, little tangenty there. Pardon.

So, anyway, Valentine's Day, or 'VD' as I used to refer to it when I was slaving away as a bouncer in a strip club in Meat Life.

And VD means... VD items! And for once, you don't have to assume I mean topical creams! (They've made some amazing advances, though. Just sayin'.)

I... can't remember, actually, what the specific items were, though, so I'ma leave a space here for the pictures. How considerate is that?


Man, seriously, how awesome are those items?

No, really, IM me and tell me, 'cuz, uh, I don't even know what they are, at the moment.


Non-Valentine's Day stuff! Um... I can't remember what, either, but it was really stuffish! And I do remember seeing her working on it in the skybox and remarking 'Hey, that's hawt.' Just a little tip for all y'all out there who may find yourself dating a designer, by the by- give'em the truth. If it sucks, say so. Lying pleasantries don't do any of us any favors.

Unless we're talking to the police.

Which Munch is not.

I'm pretty sure.


Hey, look! OTHER STUFF!

(PICS OF AFOREMENTIONED OTHER STUFF!) ( which is also awesome. )

And there you have it. Seriously, don't you just wanna rush the store and buy it all? Watch closely, and you *may* even catch a glimpse of me and whoever is sucker enough to ride bitch jumping a motorcycle off a sky platform, across the sim border, and landing who the hell knows where!

Not sayin' I do it all the time, or anything, but, uh. I've got a 66% successful touchdown ratio! If you count me somehow crashlanding *inside* Yukio Ida's skybox. Which, in fact, I do. SO! 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

Finally, a heartfelt plea, from me to you.

See this?
( [8:46] Recidivist Sideways: Hey, the mullet isn't embarassing
[8:46] Recidivist Sideways: IT'S POWERFUL
[8:46] Recidivist Sideways: I can lock the brakes on a '78 Trans Am at 100 paces with that hair! )
*points up*

This is me. ALL THE TIME.

Buy Munch's stuff. She's dating me. She deserves some kinda reward.

Plus, she makes cool shit. And, more importantly, makes cool shit *for me.*

You wouldn't wanna deprive me, now would you?

Mad, Recidivist, the Reverend, whatever. ( and his poor...poor girlfriend and your ever loyal designer, Munch <3 )

ps - there is ONE MORE DAY on the 100L sale on primrose and windlight, the windlight will be retired from the store after tomorrow. Also I'm spending this next week working on anti-valentines stuff. I haven't forgotten the bitter ones ;) - Munch

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