Friday, August 26, 2011

Cheongsam @ Nomine

New releases available from Nomine this week..

Nomine Kabuki Tattoos - 10 in all

Nomine Geisha Tattoos - 10 in all

Nomine Cyber Cheongsams - red, white, black, gold, green, purple and a blue in the midnight mania board.

Nomine Rose Cheongsams - three skirt lengths included, available with black, purple, blue and red roses.

Nomine Venus Cheongsam sets - jacket, top, skirt, sculpted cuffs. Available in wine, green, black, red, blue and a copper in the fortune teller machine.
The beautiful Nomine Butterfly Cheongsam sets - three skirt lengths, jacket. Available in black, red, green, purple, blue and mulberry.

As always, all layers are included in every set.
Thank you, Munch.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New releases out at Nomine

New releases out now at Nomine:

Nomine Pinned Trenchcoat

Nomine Carl Trenchcoat ( hat not included )

Nomine BOZ coats, two versions.

Nomine Noise Sleeveless Hoodie

Nomine Heather Gown

Nomine Endemoniada Dresses - four colors available

Nomine Crystal Babydoll dresses - six colors available.

Nomine Codie Corset tops - six colors available.

Nomine Karmina Gowns and harness - six colors available.

All out at Nomine.