Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A little piece of Mad's Dignity

Recidivist Sideways, Sometimes Spokesmanster for Nomine, here.

Yes, again.

So, it's like this- Munch has busted her ass, doing a whole new line of skins- or, more correctly, redoing, since she's redone the Aethyr skins from the ground up, in bigger, better, brighter (or darker, as the case may be) colors, and today they're getting released, etc.

But what's really important here?

I modeled the male skins for you guys.

ALL of the male skins.
...including... ahem... "Bubblegum."

Yeah- that's right, me- Mr. Monochrome, Captain Corpsepaint, Senhor Sugarskull, Reverend Romero-esque...

Wore a skin named... "Bubblegum."

BUBBLEGUM, people! For YOU!

I think the least you can do is come down to the store, buy a bunch of skins while averting your eyes from my naked pink shame (er... that didn't quite come out right), and then... uh...

I dunno, enjoy'em?

Plus, look at it this way- if these skins sell well, I can lean on Munchausen to make some really wild shit, and really, isn't that what we all want? Some wild shit?

Some wild... pale pink... shit?


Hey, did I mention she updated the gachas, too? AND the Lucky Chairs, so all you chairasites have something to come linger near again?

She said something about free gifts, too, but I dunno, I'm spoiled, I get everything I want for free anyway, so hell if I can be bothered to pay attention. ( The free skins are included in the box, there's a limited edition aether skin in the lucky fortunes machine, the gatcha has all new prizes and the lucky chairs have been updated )

So hey! Come on down to Nomine!

You may even get to take a little piece of my dignity home with ya! :D

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sacrificial Hideousness and Bruce Springsteen

Whoohoo! Munch made stuff this week.

Munch made eight versions of the most hideous pants ever. No really. When you look at these pictures you will be like - omg, those are some ugly pants. You are gonna love them some good. Whee! They come in all possible layers with three waist heights and matching hideous prim attachments.

But that's not all! Oh no, there's still more, and I swear it's less appalling than those shorts.
I made two random dressy things too. One is a ritual gown in case you need it for spooky sacrificial spookiness, like killing black lambs or...something. I've said too much.

On the flipside, in case you wanted to get married in something white with a little asian flair, I made another gown that is good for sacrificing WHITE lambs for....something.... It comes in all layers with four versions of the corset. The green isn't shown. I don't know why. Forgive me.

And THEN, just in case you wanted to sit on your porch listening to Bruce Springsteen or maybe John Cougar Mellencamp, drinking a slightly alchoholic lemonade, I made some pink and white dresses. They go really well with Apatia Hammerer's lazy sweater, so if you buy one, you have to go to her store and buy those sweaters. You really do.

That is all. I will leave you to your own insanity now. Love Munch

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zombie Popcorn Pierrot

The ZombiePopcorn festival is officially in full swing! I've created some new versions of the pierrot skins for male and female just for this event, I encourage you to come and check them out, as well as all of the other fantastic designers at this fair, there's been an amazing turnout.

If for some reason you cannot get there, the skins are also available in my store to the left side of the speciality skins vendors.

And a huge thank you and reminder that the affiliate vendors will be available in the main store if you want to make some fast L$ selling Nomine goods.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mosaic Male, sale, BUNNIES

The new Mosaic Line for Men from Nomine.

Let me introduce these. They are harder, more lined, more rugged. They are not smooth or femme, they are designed for those polished. They're also freaking gorgeous. And more importantly, they are 100L a piece, only for today and only for you. Introductory sale ends tomorrow morning.

As per is my custom, there are a multitude of facial hair ranges and patterns to be found with the mosaic line, all of which are on the wall towards the back right when you tp in.

And now, for something completely different. I am clearing out my bunny stock. There are three bidboxes on the wall by the front entrance, as well as a pen filled with lives and nests. All of which are set to move. The bidding on the argent bunnies and nests will be done through the bidboxes, and runs for exactly 24 hours. At the end of the auction, the winner will be delivered
a gift certificate which they can turn in to me for the bunny or nest. All other bunnies and nests are set to sale as is, please remember to pick up your bunny after purchasing.

Radiants, duskies, even an aphotic or two are available in the pen.
Everything must go!

( Oh, and thank you to Dick for modeling these and remember you have to put those boxers out for sale now. )