Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coffee pretty. Fire bad.

Nnnng. Coffee. Need coffee. Coffee good. Coffee PRETTY.

Tree Pretty. Fire BAD.

Dresses pretty. Fire still bad.

Darkchylde dress really pretty. Many belts. Skirt flowy.

Velvet dresses pretty. Many colors. Prim skirts not so flowy but still pretty.

Velour dresses not really velour. More satin. Still pretty. Shiny even. SHINY! Low cut pretty. Maybe just sexy. Sexy pretty. Coffee pretty.

Working on male versions of mosaic skins. Very tired. Suggestions welcome.

Am clearing out stock of live bunnies now, IM me if you'd like to have a lookie, two argents, lots of radiants.

Shopping good. Buying PRETTY. You pretty.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fire sale, gatcha, lucky chairs, slip dresses, shrugs, bunnies and the longest title EVAR.

I have been such a busy monkey this week. Here are the minutes.

Munch has been reducing her bunny stock dramatically, new nests in the store by the front opening every day, some very very cheap.

Munch doesn't really sleep much.

Munch made slip dresses and shrugs. 8 colors of each, mix and match or wear independantly. May or may not be responsible for any future drooling.

Munch has restocked her lucky chairs. You are lucky, yes you are.

Munch has made a mystery gatcha machine, located next to the lucky chairs. 10L a play, some boxes contain several items. Some only one. All items are made of awesome. Not one of them suck. That was redundant.

Munch is having a fire sale. ALL clothing ( excepting the new releases in the center ) are at LEAST 50 percent off.
The mosaic, andro, and noam skins are all reduced by over 50 percent.
The specialty skins are all 50 percent or more off. I even brought the torn skins back!
My entire stock of contacts is half price.

Tell your friends. Tell your friend's friends. Tell your mother. Tell Dave I said hi.

Come and tell me hi! I'm sitting on the couch probably working, but I will do my best to say hi back.

<3 Munch

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Version 2.0

Alright 2.0'ers, I have not forgotten about you. I even admire your dedication to using it. And since it gives us the neatoriffic ability to wear full body TATTOOOOOOOS I have made you some!

I've abused the torn skins for their beautiful damage layers and some of the vampire skins and provided them for you. All are mod/copy/ no transfer and come with more than one option for shade so that you can fit them to virtually any skin. If you're wearing a pitch black skin, I apologize, they might look dumb.

I've also taken the jointed dollskins and made tattoos out of them, so that you can wear them with any other skin as well. These come in three shades as well to better match skins.

And last but not least, a small collection of bloody mouth tattoos in case you're a vampire.

All tattoos are unisex. All tattoos are no transfer.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Como estas, mi Nominitos?

'tis the Reverend, Recidivist Sideways, clogging up your frontal lobe with my semi-literate ramblings about all the spanky new goodstuffs at Nomine this week!

First up?

You asked for'em, and we listened! Check out these sheer versions of the ever-popular Sinnerman buttondowns. We've had quite a few requests for these, so naturally, I chained Munch to her desk and left her slaving over a hot PhotoShop all week to crank these out for you, my precious little Nominites!

There's also a dirty rumour floating around that I found said restraint struck me as a little too gigglicious to relent on, and that I left her chained up for a few days longer than necessary. I can assure you, there is absolutely *no* validity to these claims, and that these cargo jackets are *not* the result of slave labo- ahem, of an enforced work ethic, I meant to say

No, those were simply an overflowing of Munch's boundless creative energies, brought about solely by her own desire to do creative things! Honest!


Would this face lie?

So come on down to Nomine, and maybe I'll even let Munch out of the funbox!*

That's NOMINE- Putting the "name" in name brand!