Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby baby baby

Hooray for babydoll dresses. In a fit of something, I made um...12 of them. I had to stop myself there, not for lack of want but just because it was getting insane. These are great for summer looks, comfy lounging or your prim-pregnancy if you're into that sort of thing. Without further ado, I give you babydoll dresses, modeled by the lovely Trinity Serpentine and available right now at Nomine.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Holy new stuff, batman. I made a series of modifiable lipped skins ( those of you from years ago might remember I did something similar a few years back ). These let you change the lipcolor with the sliders as well as the skintone, so you can mix and match to your liking or to match your outfit. This is, of course, within reason. If you want blue lips, you're still gonna end up tinting your skin blue to achieve it. But they're fun and they do stuff. STUFF! It's like science! My god! Go buy them!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Neko neko

Yay, I finally redid the neko skins and they are now windlight friendly. It occurs to me that in another month windlight is going to mean nothing, but oh well. They're shiny and slider friendly, you can make them darker or lighter to your liking, and I made two new skins for both men and women, being the siamese in white and ultralight versions. Now you too can be a pretteh kitteh.

Twi'lek babes

Okay you remember those weird things in Star Wars that had the tentacle heads? Neither do I, but a customer/friend of mine requested that I bring to second life those very heads, and I have done so. Available in a scripted variety of colors that match flawlessly to the aether skins, they come in six versions and are flexi. Your dreams of being a twi'lek babe are close to their fruition. Priced at a mere 500L, they are located right next to the neko and aether skins.


Going back a wee bit, I have released a metric ton of steampunk garb, lots and lots of pieces that all mix and match very well together and go great with the torn ( particularly greasemonkey ) skins.
RP your fool head off and look hawt doing it.