Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nomine Cernunna Gowns And Fantasy Faire!

The Fantasy Faire is open! The Nomine Cernunna Gowns are out and ready to go. If you haven't headed out there, do so! The gowns are a limited run of 12 each, and no more will be made. They are the second in a series of what were wedding gowns and are now fantasy gowns because I keep getting different ideas. I hope you'll forgive me.

My store is located on the Devil's locket sim, but I strongly recommend spending a day or three roaming around the sims, there are a lot of amazing vendors and product out there.

Each set contains the following:
Two sets of anters, decorated with roses and ribbons
1 full set of lingerie containing
1 bra
1 panty
1 garter
1 set of mini gloves
1 set of stockings
1 full length corset
1 skirt base
1 corseted skirtbase
1 pair of full length gloves
1 lace jacket
1 pair of head roses
1 set of chest roses
1 set of skirt roses
2 sets of upper arm roses
2 skirts, one simple and one epic
2 skirt fillers
1 box of hair, all colors included

All clothing items are avalailable on every possible layer.

If and when you purchase a dress, you are buying the ORIGINAL box, you have to pick it up. If you do not, it will be autoreturned to your lost and found. If not, check back at the vendor, it might still be sitting there :)

Also available at the Fantasy Faire are two limited recolors for Relay for Life, a teal version of the Persephone gown, and a relay purple version of the Catherine dress.

Enjoy the fantasy faire!

If you have any questions , please ask!

Thank you,
Munchflower Zaius

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nomine Limited Edition Persephone Gowns

I'd like to welcome you to the first in a series of hopefully 10 limited edition wedding gowns from Nomine. There will be 10 of each released, at 1k per gown. The Persephone gowns come in six colors, and each set contains a multitude of pieces, each on every possible layer.

They will remain in the store until sold out, or until the next set is released.

There will be many different styles, from the flamboyant to the more traditional, focusing on different styles throughout history, and just general fun. The idea was inspired by having been asked many times to design wedding gowns, and almost always by people who wanted a one of a kind. While I can't manage something quite that unique, I hope you will enjoy these.

The Persephone gowns, albeit non-traditional, are fun, elegant, and beautiful.

If you have any questions, please please ask before purchasing.

You will be buying the original box, please remember to take it into your inventory after purchase, or the land's autoreturn will send it to your lost and found.

The dresses are located in the center of the store on stands right when you come in.

Thank you,

Munchflower Zaius.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Steampunk Reverie @ Nomine

Ah, the romance of man and machine. A nostalgia for things that never were and never have been. Let us go forward to a simpler time.
The allure of steampunk is not lost on me, and I have created a few things for this fashionable theme before, so now I create more.
Six sets for the female among you, six sets for the male, and a couple of hair pieces to go along with them.

Bowler hats, pinstripes, zippered corsets, long blouses and more vests than you could possibly ever know you needed.

Each set highly detailed and containing several prim additions, they are located in the center of Nomine on the bottom floor, and as soon as I can manage it, on the marketplace.

All my love,