Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nomine Cernunna Gowns And Fantasy Faire!

The Fantasy Faire is open! The Nomine Cernunna Gowns are out and ready to go. If you haven't headed out there, do so! The gowns are a limited run of 12 each, and no more will be made. They are the second in a series of what were wedding gowns and are now fantasy gowns because I keep getting different ideas. I hope you'll forgive me.

My store is located on the Devil's locket sim, but I strongly recommend spending a day or three roaming around the sims, there are a lot of amazing vendors and product out there.

Each set contains the following:
Two sets of anters, decorated with roses and ribbons
1 full set of lingerie containing
1 bra
1 panty
1 garter
1 set of mini gloves
1 set of stockings
1 full length corset
1 skirt base
1 corseted skirtbase
1 pair of full length gloves
1 lace jacket
1 pair of head roses
1 set of chest roses
1 set of skirt roses
2 sets of upper arm roses
2 skirts, one simple and one epic
2 skirt fillers
1 box of hair, all colors included

All clothing items are avalailable on every possible layer.

If and when you purchase a dress, you are buying the ORIGINAL box, you have to pick it up. If you do not, it will be autoreturned to your lost and found. If not, check back at the vendor, it might still be sitting there :)

Also available at the Fantasy Faire are two limited recolors for Relay for Life, a teal version of the Persephone gown, and a relay purple version of the Catherine dress.

Enjoy the fantasy faire!

If you have any questions , please ask!

Thank you,
Munchflower Zaius

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