Friday, May 4, 2012

Loki'd @ Nomine

The next gown in the limited series is here: The Nomine Loki Fantasy Gown comes in six colors and includes a large array of accessories and clothing. 

Each set includes the following:
1 set of lingerie including
1 bra
1 panty
1 pair of stockings
1 garter belt
1 Strapped low cut catsuit base, top and bottom
1 Corset
1 Simple panel skirt with belt
1 pair of knee high strapped boots 
1 boot base
1 boot alpha
3 sets of horned crowns
1 staff
2 capes, on smaller and one epic
1 set of sleeves
1 set of gloves
1 pair of matching eyes
1 skin
1 body tattoo, also available on clothing layers
1 pair of elfin ears
1 set of chest armor, also included on the capes
2 complete sets of hair, one long and one high braided ponytail, available in every color
3 colorable hair bases to match the ponytail with
2 pairs of matching gauntlets

There will be 12 of each gown, available until the next gown is finished. They are fun, flowing, slightly dominant, and I guarantee you will feel like a superhero in them. Embrace your inner Valkyrie, now at Nomine.

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Julie said...

Oh gosh, i can't believe i missed this one ! Are you not going to re released it by any chance *dying* ???

Harley Saphir