Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nomine Limited Edition Ariel Wedding Gowns

The next gown in the limited series is here: The Nomine Ariel Wedding Gown comes in six colors and includes a large array of accessories and clothing.  They are priced at 1000L each. You are buying the original box, you will need to pick it up after purchase, or it will be returned to your lost and found.

Each set includes the following:
1 set of lingerie including
1 bra
1 panty
1 pair of stockings
1 garter belt
1 pair of glovelets
1 corset
1 pair of skirt base pants
1 lace duster jacket w/prim sleeves
1 veil
1 simple bustle skirt
1 epic bustle skirt
1 pair of slingback heels
1 shoe base
1 set of skirt fill prims

There will be 12 of each gown, available until the next gown is finished. The dresses come in snow white, eggshell white, pink, green, blue and purple. 

Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you at Nomine!

Love, Munch.

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