Monday, September 17, 2012

New Nomine Mesh Skirts

New releases from Nomine! I present to you - EVEN MORE MESH STUFF. This time there's miniskirts in vinyl and lace, and pencil skirts in authoritative and fashionable. ALSO! I now have a virwox terminal in my sim, right by the front doors, so you can cash out or buy lindens right in Nomine. The fortune teller and MM board has also been updated. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More Mesh and Marketplace Musing

New releases from Nomine! I present to you - EVEN MORE MESH STUFF. Because I'm having fun with it. Today's menu includes 16 cross halter dresses, in 8 oriental patterns and 8 halloween themed fun patterns.

16 tank style dresses, in rockabilly prints ( skulls, polka dots, cherries and roses ) and fun summery sundress prints ( flowers and ) which are also kind of rockabilly and you can drink tea in them.

And skirts, OH MY GOD SKIRTS. I loved this template so much that I made um...32 of them. So first there's the damask skirts, a layered look with a damask/brocade pattern on them. 8 of those. 

 And a renfaire style skirt, all draped with swag. 8 colors of that one too.

 And crinkle skirts, because you need them. There's 16 of these, in eight basic colors, and 8 more that are halloween themed with a gradient black/color AND covered in little skulls. Because they're so cute.

And as a reminder, the massive marketplace sale ends this weekend. These are already on the marketplace and in my store, but they're only on sale on the marketplace. Plus I made fatpacks of the skirts. More skirts and stuff coming out soon, and stay tuned as always for updates and previews of the Halloween avatars. Enjoy!