Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Summer is approaching quickly, and with it ( unless you happen to live where I do ) warmer weather! But this is SL, where weather conditions bend to your whim, and where ( thank god ) clothing can be held up entirely by the power of your imaginary busom. With that in mind, I have given a go to the most infamous of all swimwear... the string bikini.

Each bikini comes in every possible layer ( in case you want to wear them outside of your pants ) with modifiable sculpted prim bows and ties for accents and just because they're flipping cute.

So get your virtual suntan oil, your animated chaise and about 24 other people for some beach blanket bingo and get over here. Those cheeks aren't going to floss themselves!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


TIME FOR ANOTHER FAIRE! You know it. It's time for the ALTERNATIVE FAIRE, and since you are all an unwholesomely wonderful group of misfits, you must come and shop. Yessssssss precious.

So you know that hoodie your lover owned, the black one that you took home and loved inappropriately until it was nothing but shreds? Now you can have one in Second Life. I give you a collection of amazingly cute black hoodies, patterned with a plethora of designs to suit your needs. All hoodies come with prim pouch, sleeves and hood. They are currently fitted to a female shape, but they look cute on the mens too. Because mens need hoodies too.

I have created some more of the ghost skintone from the mosaic line, and these are also EXTREMELY limited, I will be taking them down as soon as the faire is over. Two of the makeups proceeds will go entirely to charity, come help us raise some money! These are only available at the alt faire, GET OVER HERE.

A huge thank you to all the participating sims in the alternative faire and all of the vendors, thank you for contributing your amazing warez. Please please come and have a look, there are a ton of really fantastic vendors and products out for this, and if you don't you will hate yourself forever. EVARRRR.

Also do not forget that time is running out for the fantasy faire, and the gargoyles and vamp makeups will be gone when it goes as well.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gargoyles and Ghosts @ the fantasy faire

The fantasy faire is officially underway, and my releases for this week will only be available at that location and only for the duration of the fantasy faire for now. I have created a unique skintone from the mosaic line for the faire, called Ghost, and four vampy makeups, all of which are available there for a wee little donation to charity.

But that's not why you're here. You want gargoyles. And I will give you gargoyles. Oh such gargoyles will I give.

I present the creatures, available in all their 18 piece glory, male and female sold separately. Each package contains skin, shape, eyes, legs, ears, horns, spikes, tail, and everything else you could possibly need to run around screeching from the rooftops.

I've worn these on different shapes and they adapt well if you're interested in having a more personal gargoyle ;)

These are ONLY available at my booth at the fantasy faire and I will be taking them down afterwards. Will we ever see them again? I don't know. Stone can be very resilient to change.

Also I'm a butthead and I failed to mention that Zarabella Ming made some really excellent poses to go with the gargoyles, and they are also available at this location.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Southern Gothic

Wyrd up, Nominites! 'tis I, your clean-livin', soul-savin' Reverend, Recidivist Sideways- 'though some call me Mad, and a few even call me mad- shining a little of that unwholesome black sunshine we here at Nomine like to call a "New Release Notecard!"

Aren't you excited?

We've got a number of releases this week, so let's get right to the gettin', shall we? ( and for the record, everything here comes available on every possible layer and the see through stuff even has a tintable modesty undershirt with it in case you don't feel like exhibiting your wares. )

First off, in honor of our amazing new sim build, we've got some dresses named after the lovely and talented Putrid Gloom, in the form of the Putrid Praire series!

Awesome set, if I do say so myself- and the bolero jacket's optional, so it's all... options. Or something. I dunno, I've been wearing the same basic outfit for 2 weeks now, I'm probably not the person to ask about such things.

Next up, we've got the Nomine Carpagian Gowns, named for an excellent Reverend Glasseye song (Mother Was A Carpagian). ( Don't ask me what a carpagian is, I have no idea. )

And these cute Gingham sets, with the high-waisted black skirt, belt, and your choice of checkered gingham top.

Another Reverend Glasseye-inspired one here, with the Seven Little Girls gown! Personally, it makes me think of both the Glasseye song, and of Loretta from Nick Cave's "Curse Of Millhaven," but that may just be me. It's really nice, and pretty, regardless!

Finally, we have these swankety swank swank Sinnerman buttondown shirts (which also look sexy on a Sinnerwoman, too), in several colors. Prim cuffs, prim colors, and they come on Jacket, Shirt, and Undershirt layers. Also, you'll notice they're being modeled by one fine-lookin' cat indeed.

So, come on down to Nomine, and check out the incredible new build, and all the new releases. Especially the Sinnerman ones, since, you know... you can have yourself a little moment. I mean, sure, you can look at the pics above, but it's not the same as being here, just you and.. a big picture of me, staring in what could, with some creative interpretation, be mistaken for in your direction... and... yeah.

So hey! Nomine! Yay!

- Rec

Friday, April 2, 2010

Stumblebum pt 42ish

It's that time again, darlings. This time I've done some very pretty very gothy versions of the recently released Nephilim Corsets, the difference is these are VERY LIMITED. They are out for this week ONLY and then they are gone forevarrrrrr. Come grab them while you can, out a little early because I am a busy Munch, yes.