Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Southern Gothic

Wyrd up, Nominites! 'tis I, your clean-livin', soul-savin' Reverend, Recidivist Sideways- 'though some call me Mad, and a few even call me mad- shining a little of that unwholesome black sunshine we here at Nomine like to call a "New Release Notecard!"

Aren't you excited?

We've got a number of releases this week, so let's get right to the gettin', shall we? ( and for the record, everything here comes available on every possible layer and the see through stuff even has a tintable modesty undershirt with it in case you don't feel like exhibiting your wares. )

First off, in honor of our amazing new sim build, we've got some dresses named after the lovely and talented Putrid Gloom, in the form of the Putrid Praire series!

Awesome set, if I do say so myself- and the bolero jacket's optional, so it's all... options. Or something. I dunno, I've been wearing the same basic outfit for 2 weeks now, I'm probably not the person to ask about such things.

Next up, we've got the Nomine Carpagian Gowns, named for an excellent Reverend Glasseye song (Mother Was A Carpagian). ( Don't ask me what a carpagian is, I have no idea. )

And these cute Gingham sets, with the high-waisted black skirt, belt, and your choice of checkered gingham top.

Another Reverend Glasseye-inspired one here, with the Seven Little Girls gown! Personally, it makes me think of both the Glasseye song, and of Loretta from Nick Cave's "Curse Of Millhaven," but that may just be me. It's really nice, and pretty, regardless!

Finally, we have these swankety swank swank Sinnerman buttondown shirts (which also look sexy on a Sinnerwoman, too), in several colors. Prim cuffs, prim colors, and they come on Jacket, Shirt, and Undershirt layers. Also, you'll notice they're being modeled by one fine-lookin' cat indeed.

So, come on down to Nomine, and check out the incredible new build, and all the new releases. Especially the Sinnerman ones, since, you know... you can have yourself a little moment. I mean, sure, you can look at the pics above, but it's not the same as being here, just you and.. a big picture of me, staring in what could, with some creative interpretation, be mistaken for in your direction... and... yeah.

So hey! Nomine! Yay!

- Rec

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