Friday, February 25, 2011

Monarch Skins now available at Nomine

10 skintones, seven makeup/facial hair options, and a whole pack of free skin enhancing freebies.
The complement to the Papillon skins, the Monarch skins are now available at Nomine. They will be available at a reduced introductory price for the first 24 hours.

As a gentle reminder, the Lupercalia avatars will be leaving you in just a few short days. Lunacy has sold out at both store locations, but there are three still left on the marketplace.
Love and Lust have also very nearly sold out, and your chances to own one will be drawing to a close at the end of the month.

Information on the Lupercalia avatars can be found here.

- Munch

Monday, February 7, 2011


Zarabella Ming: what are you naming?
Munchflower Zaius: the gothiest most badass fucking gloves ever
Zarabella Ming: so name them "The gothiest most badass fucking gloves ever"
Munchflower Zaius: too long.
Zarabella Ming: GMBFGE
Munchflower Zaius: HAHAH
Munchflower Zaius: NOMINE PRESENTS
Munchflower Zaius: GMBFGE
Zarabella Ming: name them... The Devil Rises Gloves.
Zarabella Ming: I dunno. Pulling things from my ass.
Munchflower Zaius: TOO LATE
Munchflower Zaius: I NAMED THEM ALREADY

And thus you have gloves. That I slaved over primming for you. I looked around SL for a while but I couldn't really find anything I'd wear for my date for the apocalypse, so I made some.

Also I have restocked the lucky chairs and fortune teller and whatnot.

Still looking for that perfect gift for Valentines Day? Give him or her one of the limited edition avatars! They're fully available for that, just message Munchflower Zaius to arrange a transfer :D

Also also, I am fucking off on Thursday to go visit my partner, hole up in a hotel and protect the world from viking invasion for six days. I will not be here. My IM's are going to cap. Please send me a notecard if you must reach me, and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

All my hearts,