Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fire sale, gatcha, lucky chairs, slip dresses, shrugs, bunnies and the longest title EVAR.

I have been such a busy monkey this week. Here are the minutes.

Munch has been reducing her bunny stock dramatically, new nests in the store by the front opening every day, some very very cheap.

Munch doesn't really sleep much.

Munch made slip dresses and shrugs. 8 colors of each, mix and match or wear independantly. May or may not be responsible for any future drooling.

Munch has restocked her lucky chairs. You are lucky, yes you are.

Munch has made a mystery gatcha machine, located next to the lucky chairs. 10L a play, some boxes contain several items. Some only one. All items are made of awesome. Not one of them suck. That was redundant.

Munch is having a fire sale. ALL clothing ( excepting the new releases in the center ) are at LEAST 50 percent off.
The mosaic, andro, and noam skins are all reduced by over 50 percent.
The specialty skins are all 50 percent or more off. I even brought the torn skins back!
My entire stock of contacts is half price.

Tell your friends. Tell your friend's friends. Tell your mother. Tell Dave I said hi.

Come and tell me hi! I'm sitting on the couch probably working, but I will do my best to say hi back.

<3 Munch

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