Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hold your breath and suck in your stomach...

You'll just have to cope with my level of medicated wit this week, but at least I have some very very cool things for you. So...I really shouldn't be allowed near photoshop while I'm taking vicodin. I make a lot of stuff. This week I made corsets. I made...a lot of corsets...

They're all vary pretty, and there's even four limited edition ones, I'll be running auctions all day today and tomorrow and then they're gone gone gone.

Each corset comes with three, count with me....1,2, 3 versions. Overbust, underbust and cincher versions. They also come with every conceivable layer you could EVER POSSIBLY USE. That's 10 pieces per box. You should be feeling special right about now.

Without further ado...

Skully corsets - semi transparent, four colors:

Shocking corsets - six colors

Plaid corsets, because...well...plaid. Five colors

Gothy corsets, skull patterns, roses and death

Pretty Pretty floral corsets, roses, cherries and soft flowery goodness

The Limited Edition corsets, only 20 of each available today, 20 more tomorrow and then they are gone gone.

Also the lucky chairs have been restocked, and the sale on primrose and windlight skins still has exactly one more week and then it is OVERRRRRR. Come and grab em while you can!

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