Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So my partner made some suggestions for clothes, and they turned out awesome. And thus I share them with you. Nomine presents the rusted sets, tribal accented shirts, tanks, and pants, all wonderfully weathered. All pants include pants, underpants layers and prim cuffs. Shirts include all possible layer options as well as tucked versions for wearing under the pants. Also I made a dress in about 8 colors, so get that too. Much much more available at the main store on Nomine.

Also! I am having a clearance sale on the windlight skins for two weeks, they are 100L a piece and will then be retired to xstreet where they will stay foreverrrrr. Also the primrose skins are a mere 100L apiece in case you'd wanted to try them but couldn't quite afford it ;)

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