Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Recidivist here again, with the burning question on everybody's lips these days-


Well, if you do, then boy, does Nomine have something for you!

We set our crack R&D teams, filled with our finest scientists, engineers, and medical professors, to the age old problem 'How can I not be naked from the waist down,' and we believe they've come up with a solution that's just crazy enough to work!

We call them... "Pants!"

Yes, that's right. Pants. Say it a few times to yourself, roll the word around your mouth. Feels good, doesn't it? Feels... right, even.

That's when we knew we'd hit the jackpot!

Some come on down to Nomine, and get yourself some pants! They're even available in several styles, for the extremely adventurous among you!

Oh, and I hear you there in back, saying, "But Recidivist, what about my upper torso? Can I wear pants on it, too?"

And while some of you could probably find a way to do so, we have an even more eloquent solution-


Yes, shirts! Tank tops, to be specific! All the torso coverage of a regular shirt, with none of that unnecessary arm-binding!

So come on down to Nomine, for "pants" and "tank tops" and, if you hurry, a peek at the glorious, not-for-sale "Giant Rev!" Rumor has it, if you wish hard enough, and then buy what he advertises, dreams may come true!*

Also, watch this space in weeks to come for exciting news regarding Nomine's new move to the Pulse/Sn@tch Cluster, and plans for virtual world domination!

Non-Giant Rev & Munch

* Nomine makes no guarantee of dream-come-truings.