Thursday, November 24, 2011


As is the custom this time of year, BLACK FRIDAY is coming to Nomine. All clothing will be on sale for 100L until noonish , INCLUDING the brand spanking new lingerie sets. Each set is HUGE and comes with garter, panty, bra, glovelets, and stockings on every single layer. That's a LOT of lingerie. I would know, I had to rename them all. ALSO out for you freebie junkies, a pack of tortured stockings with some naughty things written down the back and a white set of lingerie. They will be in the midnight mania board and the fortune teller. Sale begins at midnight and runs til noonish tomorrow!

Nomine Sascha Lingerie ( midnight mania )

Nomine Tortured Tights ( fortune teller )

Nomine Shelley Lingerie ( available in black, red, purple, pink, blue and green )

Nomine Lola Lingerie ( available in pink, tan, white, blue, green, and purple. )

Nomine Jesse Lingerie Sets ( available in purple, green, blue, red, and black )

Nomine Jacqueline Black sets ( black base with red, green, purple, or blue lace )

Nomine Jacqueline Multicolor Sets ( availabe in pink/blue, green/blue, purple/orange, and teal/yellow )

Nomine Eris Lingerie ( available in black, purple, tan, pink, and green )

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