Friday, January 13, 2012

Reptile, mermaid, neko, fae skins NEW @ Nomine

Welcome to Second Life ©, where you can be anything you can imagine. Imagine a break from reality....

Imagine yourself a reptile, covered in scales, glinting colors, piercing yellow eyes...

Imagine yourself a cat..lightly furred, curious pink nose, patterned coat. Imagine yourself a feral animal, or a creature of myth.

Imagine yourself a mermaid. Layers of water reflected colors, sparkles, transitioning from sea sprite to half fish in the flick of a tail.

Imagine yourself a fairy, decorated in stars and written in magic.

Imagine yourself at Nomine, becoming something new.

Neko and fae skins do not come with accessories. Neko skins include a small pack of cat eyed contacts. Mermaid avatars include fins, four skin variations, and animations for an ao. Reptile skins include eyes, hair base and shape. Fae and neko skin packs include two variations of each skin.

Please note that the store has been re-organized into groups to make it easier to locate product. The new releases are between the smaller stores on large, lightly glowing billboards.

1 comment:

Miss D Ember said...

Will the fellas get Mer skins too?

I've very glad to see you lend your talents to these exotic looks.