Wednesday, March 10, 2010

M is for Mosaic

Why hello there, Nominettes- it's none other than the Light in the Dark, the Dark in the Light, the Peanut Butter in your Chocolate, the Radioactive Reverend himself...

Recidivist Sideways!

Have you missed me?

There, there... don't cry, little Nominette, I've missed you, too. Here, have a hanky, while I tell you about the wondrous new developments going on *as we speak!*

Seems the Munchausen has been slaving away over a hot PhotoShop of late, and has cranked out a whole new skinbase, making its debut today in the Mosaic Skins line!

And, I've gotta say, in all honesty- they're hot. Hawt, even. Perhaps even... HOTTT?

They really do have a new look about'em, as you can see here:

As you can see, six skintones, and then there's a bunch of makeup crap I don't actually understand, but *can* repeat verbatim to you! It'll be like a puppet show, only... let's just not wonder where Munch's hand would be, 'kay? I... I don't think I'm really comfortable pondering that one. (thanks for that - munch)

So, anyway!

Six skintones!

8 sets of makeup per skintone (that's 48 options, kids! :O)

AND, just for YOU, because you're cute, special, and I like you (and also, because she already put'em in the boxes, but the rest still holds true!), a NUDE BASE. ( I'm looking at you, 2.0ers )
Hubba hubbva mrowr, huh?

Yeah, I... really have no idea what I'm talking about, but hey, I know the word nude! Even if I do have to type it 4 god damn times before it ceases to be "nbude." My fingers are treacherous things, seriously- filled with evil, they are. Well, and bone, ligament, blood, and so forth, too. but, also evil.

So, that's this week's release! You really do need to come check'em out, though- being totally serious here, they're some of her best work, period, and while they're definitely a bit different from her usual style, the amount of work she poured into them really does show- they're gorgeous.


Oh, and if any of you are interested, I've started DJing again- Sunday nights, 8-midnight SL time, in Our Lady of the Stubborn Beastflesh church in Slaughter City, and Monday evenings at the swanky Volcano Room in Pulse, from 6-9ish SL time. Feel free to pop in, or IM me (Recidivist Sideways) for a TP if you so desire. You can also join my DJ group, Auspicious Inedibles, and impress your friends and spite your enemies with an awesome 'Paltry Gizzard' title. Free enrollment, and I send out notices and landmarks when I gig-o-cise my daemons on air.

( Munch says: he really is very good, and I'm not just saying that because he has a chokehold on my windpipe )


Peace out, Nominomies!

Reverend El Coyote and Sister Munchflower Zaius

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