Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Flogging

Get a bunny ( you know you have like 30 of the little buggers and six more nests ready to
hatch ) get comfortable and get ready, because I have a metric bunny-ton of stuff this week. My computer was broken last week, so there was no release. I am very sad. I like toast.

But! I am making it up to you with STUFF. This is not just any stuff, this is stuff you need.

Like pretty longline corsets, all in a row:

The nephilim corsets were a lot of work, but I made them in an assortment of eastery colors. Because you're cute and I secretely love you.
Still have that bunny? You might want to grab another one. I also made limited edition eastery makeups for the new mosaic line, which are very soft and very pretty and not something I usually do, as I tend to favor ungodly heavy makeup, so grab them while you can because they are only here through EEEEEEEE-ster. Also important to note, every box contain a version with and without FRECKLES. Which quite remind me of easter...because...something....

But wait, there's even more! This is not eastery, I'm afraid, but I'm sure you're choking on peeps already, so! Moving on. I made andro skins. For those of you not educated in the ways of the beloved androgynous, these are hairless, soft bodied, low definition skins with no lower specifications and very very pretty makeups, ranging from nude to ohmifuckinggoth. They are on the OTHER side of the store with the sylvan skins and there are demos for every single one of them, because again, I love you. In a creepy stalkerish sort of way.( all makeups are universal )

As ever, <3 Munch.

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