Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vamped and Revamped

'tis the season when the veil grows thin, the shadows whisper, and the restless dead wander aimless tracks through the mortal world, rarely glimpsed out of the corner of your eye...

What better place to face the darkness head on than at Nomine? Come look upon the face of sexy evil, with Nomine's newest collection of vampiric skins! Stare down the abyss, or maybe- just maybe- surrender to it. From fallen Priests, to witches and victims, from mourning lovers to gleeful heretics, whether you're victor, victim, or heavily veined revenant, we've got what you want- what you *need*- to live out your darkest little digital dreams: 10 new skins for male and female alike, because evil knows no gender!

Nomine: Speak for yourself... even if you're speaking in a forbidden tongue!

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