Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sex, Clowns and Rock and Roll

All the world loves a clown...especially a psychotic one with caked makeup and an evil smile. I've released eight makeups for each gender for halloween. Have a gander and then get your butt over here because it's time to rock and fucking roll.

And on that note, it is time for the DEADER THAN YOU TOUR. We've got them all this year, hair vendors, skin vendors, clothing, you name it. And we're ALL putting some really amazing LIMITED EDITION prizes that YOU can win. All you have to do is shop for things you'd normally shop for! Because we love you! If you have any questions about it PLEASE feel free to IM Munchflower Zaius as she has all the answers. About this anyway.

We've got Pixel Dolls, SN@TCH, ReTox, Material Squirrel, Nomine, CatNip, Blue Blood, Gauze, DV8, Fusemelon, Otaku Designs, Forsaken, The Stringer Mauseoleum, Silent Sparrow, Shadenfreude, probably more I can't remember and oh my goth there's some cool prizes out there. The tokens you get from any store are redeemable from ANY vendor on the tour, so you can get them at my store and turn them in somewhere else. You have no excuse now. Go shop.

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