Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lords of the New Church

Since I have been so very sick for 10 plus days, I am having a sale through halloween on ALL the halloween skins, they've been knocked down to half price, so come and get them! I will be taking them down after halloween ( tho they will still available on xstreet ) with the exception of the sugar skulls, which will be left up through Dia De Los Muertos. I will be adding to those this coming week.

ALSO I am auctioning off a mere 20 of the Nomine New Church dress sets, which include two skins and a gorgeous antique blue and white wedding gown. They are located in the bid boxes on the column by the halloween skins, bidding starts at 1000L, and when they're gone, they're gone. Each dress set includes a tattoo'd and non tatoo'd version of the skin, all layers, prim skirt, and rose accessories.

Remember you only have through halloween day to get those tokens and get them turned in before the Deader Than You Tour is over! All my halloween skins have been knocked down to half price, so come grab some tokens and get some amazing skins for those halloween parties!!

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