Monday, February 11, 2013

Nomine's Voodoo Valentine

It's that time of year again when our thoughts turn to candy, love, warm fuzzies, and sometimes hallmark cards. Well some of us. For the rest of us, the single, bitter, and possibly violent stalkers...well, there's Nomine.

I have created a legion of evil candy heart necklaces, all transferable, to help you express how you REALLY feel. Don't have the right words for mister wrong? Let this fun gatcha prize help you say it! Have a burning need to tell the world about your burning rash? I've got one for that too! The gatcha prize machine is located just inside the door of the shop ( right behind you when you tp in ) and awards a random prize for each try.
The complete list is located in the sign above the gatcha machine.

Also! I have created a limited edition single avatar, full of fiery burning wrath and bleeding red. She is available in two versions, white and black, with an option to buy both for a phenomenal discount. There are only 10 of each, so hurry! When they're gone they're gone. They will only be available until the end of this month, at which point any unsold avatars will be permanently retired. 

Please note that you are buying the original box, and will need to pick it up if purchased, or it will be returned to your inventory by the land's autoreturn.

So come feed your spite and chocolate eating hatred with me at Nomine. ( not-single, deleriously happy people also welcome, we're just jealous of you. )

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