Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boobtastic New Releases @ Nomine

A ton of new releases now out at Nomine! More mesh ( because I'm addicted to it ), megaliner, and CORSETS. Fuzzy kitty sweaters, striped sweater dresses, sexy tie front tops, and CORSETS!

But first! 8 low cut, low backed half sweaters, fuzzy and warm and boobtastic.

8 colorful kitty sweaters, just low enough to wear alone, or with a pair of leggings. Leggings not included, but cute kitty comes free on shirt.

16 maxi skirts. I looked forever for a skirt that didn't come clear up to my navel, and finally found some, so I made a handful of basic colors in these. I live in them. There's 8 darks and 8 lights. 

Super awesome off the shoulder sweater dress. Stripes included. Just short enough to be sexy, but still full of warm fuzzy goodness.

Low cut, off the shoulder, only held on by your imagination tie tops. Great with jeans, shorts, or one of the maxi skirts. 8 Colors available. 

The flattering Juniper dress, which I mostly made just for Juniper. Brocade pattern, v neck collar, just formal enough to get away with.

And CORSETS! Did I mention that I made about 900 corsets? 

There are five sets of 8 corsets - plaid, bold, black vinyl with tribal patterns, and a set of randoms. Each comes with all the standard sizes and a notecard to help you fit your magical breasts into them. 

All mesh clothing comes in standard sizes, alpha or alphas included. ( the boatneck sweaters also include a flatter chested version. )

If you're in my group, then for christmas you recieved the megaliner pack already, but if you're NOT, then you should be. But you can still get these lovely eyeliners at Nomine for a mere 50L a pop. Tattoo layer only, slightly colorable, and TONS of fun. There are about 80 of these, so I've only included a couple pics. Please come by Nomine and check out all the new releases, they're right in the center of the store where you come in, and they make a path straight to the megaliners. 

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