Monday, May 2, 2011


So I noticed that my beloved China White skintone has somehow gotten very...dark...over the years. How very bad of me, yes. But I am here to make amends to you, my darling pasty seekers, those of you for whom just a tiny touch of color is the best color. Those of you for whom the sun is an allergy and pale means translucent.

So I made two new skintons for the Papillon line, porcelain and ghost, one shade apart and very very pale. They have the same makeup as the previous entries in the Papillon line.

And to further make amends, I have created two limited edition makeups to go with them, available through this week.

Also I added some far less crappy cleavage enhancers to the freebie boxes by the other skins, in four skintones.

I am currently working on the male versions and will have them out soon.

Love, Munch

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