Sunday, May 29, 2011

New build, New clothes, New makeup!

Firstly thank you all muchly for bearing with me while we rebuilt the sim. Please feel free to explore the entire sim, there are many places to hang out, relax, and shop.

The Guidecca shops in the center of the sim have variou offerings from vendors, and several are still avaible for rent, please contact Munchflower Zaius if you're interested.

The Santa Maria church in the far left corner of the sim is availble for rental for weddings, or just a place to have some quiet reflection

The Otranto Bathhouses are a great place to lounge and relax, one fashioned with a pool and bed, the other as a study.

And of course, Nomine has been rebuilt from scratch, the lucky chairs restocked, new items in the fortune teller, and a midnight mania board is also up.

Most of the builds featured around the sim were created by Van Auster, who is getting free pimpin from me because his builds are made of awesomesauce. The store build is by Horrid Twine.

ALSO! I have made a ton of new things for you! I've also created a line of strappy things for men, several new tops and jeans, sculpted cuffs and sleeves, many more styles and options available inword:

O! A series of long line corsets, four styles, and many colors. All corsets available in all possible layers. Many more colors availble inworld:

Also a line of makeups, now available in tattoo form, all makeups include a version with and without lipstick, four makeup options per pack, and two new body tattoos, come down and check out the new build and all the new releases!

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Mandy Galileo said...

gorgeous - congratulations on the re-opening :)