Monday, October 4, 2010

Where the hell is Munch?

Where the hell is Munch? It's october ffs.

Munch has been very very sick. She spent some time at the doctor and then her mother was nice enough to gift her with a plague the likes of which she has not seen in ages. I am coughing my brains out and my entire body is made of snot. But I am working, by cracky.

I realize helloween is coming, and I am working a rather gigantic set of things for this particular month, including NEW gargoyles and a whole set of complete limited edition avs that will be Nomine's take on your favorite alice in wonderland characters. They're badass. I swear.

The new gargoyles will be available at horrorfest, which going to be an EXPLOSION of halloweenish hellfun, and you will be there, because we will be everywhere.

This is, however, taking up all my time and since I won't be able to get out a release this week, I am setting all of my halloweeny speciality skins ON SALE through friday for 200L a piece. This is a fantastic time to come and grab a costume for an upcoming halloween gig, party, or zombie sexcapade. I know you have them. The only skins not included are the torn skins - the drow, aether, pierrot, neko, geisha, kabuki, zombie, sugar skull, doll, and like...everything else in the speciality section is on sale.

So come on over here and grab one damnable deal for halloween and help out sick ass munch.
Because I really do appreciate you, you heathens. <3 style="text-align: center;">

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perfectly handled blog i like your waydark athena