Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nomine Stained Contacts

Nomine presents an entire slew of new and exciting contacts. Fantasy, overlays, horror, and the entire skittles rainbow of basic colors, ranging from light to dark.

There are many more contacts than what is shown here, these are only a sample of the available colors and styles.

Each set comes with an eye alpha, a set of prims that cover the entire eye, and a set of prims that only cover the iris of the eye. 

Each set of prims can be touched or clicked to change the textures. In the case of the fantasy eyes, all textures are included in the prims. You need only to click them until the right set matches up, or wear them mismatched! There are several colors included in each fantasy pack.

The irises will only cover the colored part of the eye, and should not be worn with the alpha. The textures on the prims are much higher quality than the SL mesh allows, and can be considered high rez. 

The irises can be worn on top of the prim sclera or eye white prims by right clicking and selecting "add." Some moving and or modification may be necessary to make them fit your eyes perfectly.

All the prim contacts are modifiable, which means you can easily set them to fullbright, glow, or stretch the iris to make it large enough for your liking. I recommend making a backup copy before you attempt this, as I will not replace eyes that are broken due to user error.

The overlays - tech and rune, are ONLY the iris part, and are meant to be worn over existing contacts or sclera. They are colorable and modifiable and spin slowly clockwise. The sclera contacts are ONLY the full contact size.

If you have any questions, please ask BEFORE purchasing. I will be happy to assist you.

The eyes are out now in the new releases section of Nomine, right in front of you when you teleport into the store.

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