Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dolly Dress Up @ Nomine

Want to play dress up?

Come on, this is SL, that's what we do. We are little dolls living a virtual life.

In this same light, Nomine gives you Dollskins.

Modeled after ball jointed dolls, completely updated and redone, each skin pack comes with FIVE skins and two versions of a cracked tattoo in case you're more of a broken doll sort.

Male and female are included, four skintones in each.

Also available are four packs of doll themed contacts ( prims eyes are included with each set ), the shapes I created for the doll ads, and four different skin sets with different makeups in case the simple versions aren't quite enough for you.

The MM board and fortune teller have also been updated and now have dollskin themed prizes.

Love always, Munch.

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