Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nomine Magpie Skins Release

The Nomine Magpie skins are finally finished, thank you for your patience :)

The Magpie skins are similar in body to my previous skins, but the face has taken quite bit of a departure in regards to shading. The nose is much more unique, the lips have been completely redone from scratch, and the skin has an overall simpler and younger look to it, making it much easier to accomodate a variety of shapes.

The skins are available in single makeup packs for 500L, or the larger pack for 1200L.

The single packs include one makeup, the eyebrow shader tattoos, the lesser cleavage option, and the matching lipstick or lipsticks that accompany that makeup color.

The larger packs include all four of the makeups: dark, basic, light and pale, two bonus skins - nude makeup versions of the skin, with and without teeth, all the brow shaders, matching lipstick tattoos, and the lesser cleavage option. That's six skins for 1200L. See how much I love you?

All lipsticks include a version with and without teeth, the liptints are semi transparent and will reflect whatever color they are put over. All lipsticks are modifiable and can be tinted darker or differently.

Please please please try the demos before purchasing, as there are no refunds for these skins unless a duplicate is purchased.

There are eight skintones in the Magpie line, the makeups are universal across the skintones.

If you have any question, please ask before purchasing, I will be happy to answer them!
Thank you to all the bloggers who have helped me promote this new line and to all the friends who helped me make them as pretty as they are by kicking my ass over details.

The skins are located to the left of you when you teleport in, look for the giant rug, or take the teleport board behind you to their location.

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