Thursday, November 25, 2010


Nomine does Black Friday. For the next 24 hours, damn near everything in the store is on MASSIVE SALE.

All clothes are 100L. A ton of skins are 100L. ALL contacts are a mere 10 LINDENS. ALL hair is a mere 50 LINDENS.

And if you're quick, you can grab a preview of the new skins and enter for a chance to name the new skinline. How could this get better? They're only 100L for the four of them at once, AND YOU COULD WIN THE ENTIRE LINE OF SKINS WHEN THEY'RE DONE.

Can I get a hell yes?

Thank you.

Now run, scream, trample and otherwise maim your way over to Nomine because like any Black Friday, this one won't last long. You've got 24 hours.

Ever wanted a chance to name a skinline? Maaaaaaybe? Ever wanted to a chance to WIN one? An entire skinline for FREE? I'm gonna guess that's a much bigger yes. I'm giving you lovely people a chance to not only name the new skinline, but have a set of makeup named after you included in it. And if you win, you will recieve the entire skinline, for free.

Here's the rules:

The name must be reasonably short. Regardless of what's chosen, it will be "Nomine ( your winning name
here ) Skin. If your name is anything like xxxBaBySnOt77729397549237xxxx or absurdly sexual ( you know who you are ) I reserve the right to not name a set of makeup after you.

Entries must be recieved in NOTECARD FORM by December 7th.

The notecard must be titled NOMINE CONTEST ENTRY - YOUR NAME HERE. Any notecards that say your name here will be immediately ignored. The notecard must contain your suggestion or suggestions, and your name, again. Please limit suggestions/names to no more than five. Let's keep this fair.

The winner will be formally announced by December 14th, and god willing the new skins will be out then as well. The winner will receive the new skins as soon as they are finished, and before they go on the shelves.

The name must not be racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, etc, or contain or reference any related fuckery.

All snark and cynicism aside, I am looking forward to reading your suggestions, and I thank you for your interest and your participation.

ps - if you have any questions, please send me a notecard and/or an IM.

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