Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attack of the Skins

Hey there, Nominites.

Guess who?

That's right, it's the Reverend again, Recidivist "P.S." Sideways, comin' atcha on a Wednesday... something. Afternoon, morning, maftornoong, evening, whatever. I don't do time.

Anyway, whatever point on the Temporal Dartboard the butterfly of your soul happens to be pinned to, it's Wednesday (unless you're in Australia or parts of Asia, but if you are, then just pretend otherwise, you god-damned time travelers), and that means NEW RELEASES AT NOMINE!

Are you ever in luck today, too!

You like being sexy, right?

And gods know, we all love moving little bars back and forth on a slider, right?

Well now, courtesy of the obsessive-compulsive behavior that pretty much *is* Munchflower Zaius, you can combine BOTH of these fabulous pastimes in one!

That's right- SLIDER SKINS!

Of course, she probably has a better name for them, but hell if I can remember it- being this pretty AND this drugged out is a heavy burden, and just doesn't leave much room for all that... brain... stuff.
( actually I was just calling them modskins, which really isn't any more clever at all. - ed.)

Change the colors of your eyebrows, your (INSERT SOMETHING ELSE THE SLIDERS WORK ON)- hell, even your (AND INSERT A THIRD THING!), if you want to!
( lips and eyebrows, yes, other body parts...not so much. Nomine claims no responsibility if your genitals change color while using these skins. - ed. )

Go crazy!

And when you decide you wanna change the colors again? Do it!

It's like... a theoretical number of skins I can in no way be bothered to figure out, in a single skin!

It's like MAGIC!

Or technomagic, maybe.

You know, like the old Thundarr The Barbarian cartoon? With his fabulous SunSword, and his companions Ariel the Sorceress and Ookla the Mok?

What the hell *is* a Mok, exactly, anyway? I mean, okay, it's a big, badass, furry guy with a face that looks like a ritual voodoo mask, or maybe a very tribalized Noh mask, and a low IQ, I get that, but I mean, where did they come from?

The Broken Earth was supposed to be our world, post-cataclysm, but... you know, I like to consider myself at least somewhat well-traveled. I've lived abroad, I've been to seven different countries, I've, ahem, "forgotten" I had 16 grams of White Widow in my coat pocket, and thus, carried across several international borders in mainland Europe, as we departed The Netherlands, thus rendering me a... colorful character, let's say?

And yet, in all my travels?

I've never once seen a dude with backhair like a Toby Keith roadie, and a face like Viktor Von Doom's cousin who went native while kayaking down the Amazon.

So, yeah- where the hell did Moks come from?

Just one of those little questions that gnaws at the corners of my mind, late at night, you know?

Erm... ahem, as I was saying- skins! Skins galore! More skins than a Buffalo Bill Fan Club LARP!

All for YOU! Yes, *YOU,* young lady and/or gentleman!

So come on down to Nomine and rustle yourself up some cuss-tow-mahz-bull skinnage!

They're sssskiiiiinrrific!

( a couple actually important things here....the skins all come with a dark and light lip base, NINE hair color bases, and fatpacks are available. Also, because I love you, they are on introductory sale for the next 24 hours. )


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