Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good VD

Hey there, Nominites. Recidivist here, yet again, with a special message just for YOU.*

As you may have realized, that most beautiful of holidays, Valentine's Day, is upon is in but a few days, and love is in the air, the Hallmark Corporation is raking in the lucre, hearts are swooning, and blah, blah, blah.

'But Recidivist!' you cry. 'I found my one true love (for the 11th time in 2 years!), and (he/she/it/they) made my life complete, until I caught them (kissing/cybering/yiffing/partnering) that dirty (bimbo/guido/furry/Gorean/non-Gorean/Linden) whore! WHAT ABOUT ME, RECIDIVIST?! WHAT ABOUT ME?!'

Well, little buddy, turn down that volume and relax, 'cuz your pals here at Nomine haven't forgotten about you!

We've just released a whole line of Candy Hearts t-shirts, sporting the messages you *really* want to see on those sugary little concoctions. Well, and one or two that I convinced Munch to make, just to amuse myself (hint: if it's death humor, it's... probably me). But enough talk- it's time for pictures!**

And as if that weren't enough?

Nomine presents round one of the WANTED series of shirts, including *your* chance to own a shirt featuring none other than Nomine's own Professor Personality himself, the Reverend of Misalignment, the Lord of Misrule, Dr. Sexy, MD... me!

'Erm, Recidivist,' you say. 'We realize that everything you've claimed is not only factual, but possibly an understatement, but aren't you worried that your brutal honesty about your own awesomeosity may make those who cannot hope to ever match your majesty feel a little eclipsed?'

To which I say- probably! But, hey, I owe you crazy kids the unvarnished truth!

Besides, I'm writing the notecard, so, you know.


So yeah! Wave one!

Will there be more? Only time will tell!

Doesn't that shirt just make you wanna rush right out and buy yourself a little piece o'me to wear around e-town?

Yeah, I thought so, too!

Take care, and have good VD, y'all.

- El Reverend

* Cumulatively speaking.

** If said buyer of 'hate you' ( or any of these shirts ) experiences friendship loss and appears in a SL postcard and has deep emotional turmoil from this, Nomine and all business associates are hereby declared immune from legal recourses said buyer might try. Also. F***ing no transfer bitches means no refunds! - someone who is clearly not Kala Bijoux

** Nomine is not legally or morally responsible for any buyer/recepient/hapless soul who owns/receives/looks at said 'kill yourself' shirt. Buyer/wearer will take full responsibilty for anything that happens to him/her/it and all associates while wearing this shirt. If said buyer or those close by start eyeing ovens and razors with a new found zeal, please take said shirt off and seek help. It's pixels people. - someone who is clearly not Kala Bijoux

** If you cannot maintain a sense of humor regarding these shirts, we will not be held responsible for your lack of finding us witty, which we so are, nor will we take it upon ourselves to humor any malaise that you hurl in our direction regarding being offended. - Munch

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