Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beauty In Suffering

"Temptation is illusion, but the time for trickery has passed. In this game we show ourselves as we really are. - And what is that? - The beauty of suffering. "

The Lament Gown - available at Nomine for a limited release. There will only be 20 available. First come, first serve. I will hold one if payment is made in full. They are priced at a very low 3k, and include the gown in all layers, gloves, bra, panties, tights, prim skirt, veil, custom hair in 8 colors, contacts, and skin ( and coupon for free application of the makeup to any skin I've made ). The skin available in the box is in china white. There is a demo available to either side of the diplay, I urge you to please try it on before you buy as it is not refundable.

The demos are all no mod, and only include one layer for showing.

If you have any questions, PLEASE ask before purchasing.

The boxes are set to sell the original, and it will be on the wall after you purchase it. You will need to retrieve it or the land's autoreturn will kick it back to your lost and found in 10 minutes ;)

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