Monday, March 30, 2009

Raw Rippery

Having logged into sl to receive a handy helping of drama in the form of a notecard accusing me of ripping off renderosity/daz3d, I thought I'd take a moment to address the issue. The RAW skins were derived from stock photography images I PAID for. Handsomely. They are likely the same ones used to make the skins on the other sites. Which does not make any of us a rip off artists. It makes us artists using available resources. The stock photos I used are available on nearly every stock photography site you can look up. Just type in anatomy and knock yourself out.

- the management.


Anonymous said...

Tell them "bite me" LOL

Cincia said...

I never have any doubts about products I buy from you, Munch! Your skins are some of the finest and totally authentic! And thanks for the updated Sylvan skins ... I can hardly wait to get inworld tonight and update my inventory with your new offerings!