Friday, February 20, 2009


I got to be Mourna all week and you didn't. But I made some very very pretty things, and Mourna modeled them and made some very pretty ads, and the entire set turned out...very pretty.

Click on these little picture thingies and encase yourself in the glorious purpleness that is the Mourna Collection. Then hurry on down to Nomine and encase yourself in the actual items and be very very happy.

Much much more at the store.


Alexa Lioncourt said...

Hottie Hot Hot!

Me likeys!

Mourna Biziou said...

*grins like an idiot*

These are my favorite skins. like, ever.

(PS: my capcha word to post this is "spank." I just thought I'd share.)

Abigale Heron said...

Theese skins are so HOT <33
I would like there were the other tones :(

Munchflower said...

I never have an issue with putting a makeup on a different skintone for 200L extra. I'm just so glad you like them Momo <3