Thursday, December 11, 2008



Disturbia now at Nomine, a gorgeous whirl of browns, black feathers, musty old rooms and haunted corners. Skins, hair, clothes, accessories and contacts, all for your dressing or undressing pleasure.

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Maya said...

Love the blog Munch :) I'll come back more often now.

I have Mid Lt Tan 'Greasemonkey', which I looove (ty ty) and am now looking for the two next ones as she 'cleans up', but keep the smudged dark around the eyes/pale lips and skintone.

This Frenzy looks amazing and perhaps perfect as the first step down look (ie, had a good bath but then got hands dirty again!) Would you agree, or is there a closer match?

Then, hmm. what the next with clean hands? The Mid Lt Tan WL ones make up (vamp) is above the eye in dark (not the same smudge effect, from what I tried).