Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kepi Hair

New at Nomine - WHOLE new hair, whole new textures, whole new holy cutestuff hat. The Kepi hair comes with a tipped version and a normal version of each, 38 in all, AND a hat without the hair in every box. Come check it out, perfect for gritty roleplay and cute enough to wear anywhere. Military urban hawtness.

- Munch


Abigale Heron said...

i have a question about skins: i just loved the 'Elvira' skin,and would be great if it had more makeup colors (like black or purple)!Maybe can you make more make options for this skin in the future?

Munchflower said...

The elvira skin is just a custom makeup on the windlight ultralight skin, which has about 40 other makeups with it, all available in vendors in the center store :D