Monday, September 27, 2010

Babylon Will Fall

Le Sassasang

Le Mannequinn

Le Diabolo

Le Gigolo

Le Pyroman....
It's up to you

Le futurist
Le extremist.

Babylon will fall.

The babylon sets, now available at nomine. They are on sale for the first 24 hours as per usual, after that the price will go up. Perfectly naughty, perfectly extreme, and perfect for halloween. All layers included for every aspect of the oufit, which also comes with hair, nails, and boots.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drow drow drow your boat

OMFG I finally redid the drow skins. And anathema said they are sexy. They are on sale for half price for 24 hours. They come with plain and tattoo'd versions in each pack, AND four sets of contacts exclusive to the purchase of a drow skin.

Skintones range from almost black to a very very pale almost white.

ALSO, there is a bright effing red box all over the store. Wherever he goes? Things are marked down to half price. He is given to wanderlust tho, so you'll have to check back often to see where's gone to. Coffee bean, coffee bean...oh where oh where has coffee bean?

AND, this is important. The SN@TCH inferno fashion show is coming up, by cracky. And I'm going to be in it. And so is Ivey, and she RULES. BE there. Tomorrow. But first come here and shop.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Viscera @ Nomine

You're tired of wearing the same old boring makeup. You want to be scene. You want to be seen. You want the nightlife, you want to boogie, by god. It's time to find your inner big lipped goddess, smack her on the ass and take her out dancing.

And thus, Nomine gives you the viscera line. An entirely new set of makeups for the mosaic skin line. New lips, new eyeshadows, new fantastic colors and styles. Because I love you, I am not including all 100 images in this notecard, it would never load. The makeups are universal across the skintones, and all are included in each skintone.

And because I love you more than monkeys, they are on sale until tomorrow morning.

The lucky chairs, fortune teller and gatcha have all been updated and changed to new things as well. Hurry before the sale ends! No really!

( c'mon! )